Hello World

Well hello there.

Looks like I’m pretty late to this game. For a long time I had the intention to create a place to store the thoughts produced by my wondering mind. I’ve also had the intention to have a place to put my bookmarks, and to bookmark my thoughts. Typically, these intentions were plans for over-complicated projects to code, construct & host my own content management system, with some kind of overarching taxonomy to categorize everything. Lazy-bum that I am, I never got down to it.

Now, who cares about taxonomy?  The practice of tagging now has exposed this as somethat futile. And it’s so much easier now to just start up a site at any of the blogging providers, configure it to your heart’s delight, and then start writing.

That’s the troublesome part. What am I going to write about? It’s not a good sign that my first post is already blogging about blogging. I’ve had several ideas over the last few years. Here’s a short list:

  • Religion & Philosophy. I’m a Christian. Years ago, I read heavily in philosophy in an attempt to untangle my own beliefs. And I wanted to write it all down in some kind of truth table. That’s long ago enough that I’ve forgotten a lot of the dependencies for my current thoughts. What can I say, I’m the forgetful sort. That’s part of the reason for wanting to write everything down.
  • Software & Technology. I’m a software developer with a lot of interests: AI, UI, Development Methodologies, Macs, Infrastructures. Software development is as much about culture as it is about technology. There’s a lot to be written about. And again, I’m forgetful, so I need a place to write all this down.
  • Structures in Culture, Society & Politics. I like to observe. I also navel gaze, but hopefully you won’t read about how often I dig my nose, but more about stuff like why entity A in society B is a hopeless X because of Y.

That’s quite a spread. Will I write about all of these? Will I concentrate on just one topic? Will I just have verbal diarrhea? I don’t know. Hopefully the narrative produced will be coherent enough.

Ok, time to stop thinking about writing, and time to start writing. And maybe I’ll get a little better at expressing myself.


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